Stephen couldn’t believe what he was hearing…


He’d always taken care of himself. He ate pretty well. He lifted weights several times a week for over 20 years. He would even do 5K Runs with his family and/or friends 2 to 3 times a year.


His bodyfat levels were way lower than the average, for his age. He’d always gotten regular check-ups from his doctor, including regularly scheduled colonoscopies.


He was in GREAT shape at 52 years of age…so he was taken completely by surprise to learn he had Prostate Cancer.


Stephen is a fighter at heart. And from all of the communication I’ve had with him…I  honestly don’t think he knows how to say the words “I” & “Quit” in the same sentence.


He told me that as soon as he got over the initial shock of hearing that he had Cancer.


He decided to do EVERYTHING in his Power to be around for another 40-50 years for his loving Wife and their 3 Kids and 2 Grandkids.


Well fast forward to January 10th of 2019…that was the day Stephen emailed me to tell me his Amazing story of how he BEAT CANCER😊


To be precise…January 9th was the day his doctors told him that his Cancer was in COMPLETE Remission!!!


After celebrating with his family. The very next day, Stephen sat down and wrote me the first of several emails explaining his Harrowing & Courageous Journey.


Like I said earlier before his diagnosis Stephen was in GREAT shape…but ALL the chemo and drugs took their toll on his body.


He NEVER Quit but his Journey to Remission wasn’t an easy one.


I won’t get into specifics here b/c it’d be a novel.


But let me just tell you that Stephen Lost a LOT of Hard-Earned Muscle and getting back to where he was before the Cancer…was going to be Difficult.


The reason Stephen emailed me to tell me his story was b/c he felt a connection with Asteria Sports and the emails he gets from us. He also has a tight-knit group of Training Partners at his Gym who ALL Love their Asteria Gear.


He Loves the AsteriaFamily concept so he wanted to share his story with us and let us know how he’s going to be using his Asteria Gear to get BACK to where he was before.


I was Honored that he shared his story with me and I’ve passed it along to the ENTIRE Asteria Team here.


The Reason I’m telling you this is b/c the odds may not seem in your favor right now, but how are you compared to a 52 years old fighting cancer? Much better, right? Our health is our most precious gift and we shouldn`t take it for granted. So let`s take a moment to appreciate the blessings in our life and keep fighting for what really matters.


Stephen didn’t ask for this. In fact, he prefers to stay anonymous b/c he’s the “Quiet Type” as he puts it.


I asked his permission to share a little bit of his journey with you right here. He obliged and also told me how very thankful he is that our team puts so much value on our customers.


—>I’m nobody special. I’m just blessed that my cancer went into remission. The road back to where I was before will be hard, but I’m going to Train HARD and get there this year!

Stephen when you read this please know you have people from ALL over the world Rooting & Cheering for YOU!!!


So in Honor of Stephen and his courage & commitment to get back to where he was before he was diagnosed with Cancer…Let’s ALL TRAIN HARD in 2019!!!


I Hope your February is awesome thus far!


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